Institute for Democracy aims to:


Stimulate the increase of the participation of youth in the government of the state by means of the development of their leadership abilities, the political and civil activities;

Promote to the growth of the civil activity of the youth;

Development of civic values and expansion of the culture of human rights, democracy and justice;

School curriculum development; lectures oriented towards increasing public awareness of corruption and its detrimental effects on society;

Facilitate the development of independent media in the Republic of Moldova, encouraging the creation of a free thinking environment of journalists, politicians and researchers;

Support the development of human rights and democratic processes and institutions, foster application of constitutional and rule of law principles and procedures;

Raise the issues of public importance in the national and local public agenda and discourses through dialogue, public debates and civic actions;

Support and promote genuine empowerment and self-organized participation of the people and the society in the process of public policy making, implementation and monitoring;

Promote transparency, accountability and efficiency in election management;

Democracy building and conflict management - developing the process for building consensus, setting priorities, designing political institutions and constitutions, organising dialogue and decision making, promoting reconciliation and inclusive democracy;

Strengthening electoral processes - adapting electoral systems, improving access and turnout, ensuring professional management and independence, building public confidence;

Develop political equality and participation, especially of underrepresented groups, including women in politics;

Publication and distribution of books, other publications, electronic bulletins throughout the country on a free of charge base.




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