Institute for Democracy Structure:


According to Moldavian laws, organizational structure of the Institute consists of:

1) The
General Meeting is a superior body of the Institute.  It changes the statute, approves the development strategy, the budget and checks the balance, elects/recalls the members of the Board of Administration and auditor, can dissolute or reorganize the Institute

2) The Board of Administration is a permanent decision-making body, electing by participants of General Meeting. It develops the fundraising strategy, the activity plan and the budget, prepares the organizational documents for approval by the General Meeting, provide operational management and reporting to General Meeting.

3) The Executive Director of the Institute directly manages the NGO between the meetings of the Board of Administration. The Executive Director is a chairman on the meetings of the Board of Administration. He represents the Institute, performs the operative control over the budget, manages the staff and volunteers, issues the orders, calls the General meeting, and provides all requested documentation to the authorities.

4) The Auditor checks the conformity of the activity of the Institute and its staff to the national laws, to the decisions of the General Meeting and the Board of Administration. He performs the monitoring over financial activity and competence of the Institute. He has the right to request all relevant documentation regarding the Institute activity from the Board of Administration.



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